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cctv uses in retail
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                                                    IP monitoring in the retail industry.

IP surveillance can improve the profitability of your retail outlet without increasing your sales? A modern, low cost state-of-the-art surveillance system can significantly reduced shrinkage, improved staff security, provide till management and monitoring and optimized store management without having to start from scratch?

With digital IP solutions, installation costs are low as they make use of your existing network infrastructure and as IP systems have few moving parts, on going maintenance costs are minimal. Image quality is high, making identification of people easy and providing a clear view of transactions. In contrast to normal video tapes, where image quality gets lower the more times they are used, the image quality you get from a digital solution remains consistent over time.

If you already have traditional CCTV cameras in operation, you can combine them with video servers to start your move towards a fully digitalized surveillance solution. Alternatively, if you are installing a surveillance system for the first time, this is a perfect opportunity to invest in a system that employs the cost-effective network technology, which is rapidly becoming the industry norm.

In addition to meeting the essential surveillance needs to prevent shrinkage, improve staff security and store management, this latest technology can be used to address several key issues simultaneously. For example, you can combine your video surveillance system with customer counting systems or integrate a panic alarm facility. Electronic cash registers integrated with the network video system ensure that every transaction is monitored and no irregularities occur.

For your protection Goldeneye UK can remotely monitor all of these facilities.
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