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Digital IP (Internet Protocol) technology opens up a new world of remote monitoring possibilities to protect people and property.

Flexible and powerful network video solutions enable you to remotely and cost-effectively monitor and secure, everything from people and property to industrial processes. Your network video system can be as simple or as sophisticated as you want it to be.


From our control room Goldeneye UK can monitor any network IP camera system anywhere in the world, but in addition, VOIP technology (Voice Over Internet Protocol) also enables us to hold two-way audio communication over networks. This allows us to not only hear what's going on remotely, but also to speak through the network. With both visual and audio communication, we can question legitimate callers and provide them with information, warn off potential intruders, conduct remote education, troubleshoot, or broadcast both sights and sounds of a location or an event on Web sites.

The Network Advantage

IP networks are flexible and powerful and are the key to providing you with wide ranging possibilities in system design, applications and solutions. Simply connect an IP network camera (or video server that is attached to an analogue camera) directly to a computer network by wired or wireless means, and you'll have access to live video streams directly from your desktop with the use of a standard Web browser on a local area network or from any location in the world via the Internet.  IP networks, in conjunction with IP network video solutions, can however offer much more.


The move from analogue to IP based CCTV surveillance solutions offers huge opportunities for integration with other network based security systems such as access, fire, and environmental controls, and with wireless, satellite and other technologies, thereby creating huge scope for applications development. This, and the affordability, scalability and flexibility of IP based surveillance systems make IP the ideal technology for both local and enterprise wide security and surveillance solutions.

Continued Development of Remote Monitoring Solutions

Goldeneye continue to work with leading manufacturers and developers and partners in IP surveillance, access, fire and environmental control systems, and also with those in the wireless and satellite industries to create innovative, worthwhile, integrated IP security solutions for the future. As a result we are constantly adding to our services to the security industry in order to maintain our position as the UK’s foremost remote monitoring provider for all IP based surveillance and security systems.

One recently successful project has been the provision of IP surveillance via a satellite broadband link for remote locations without power or communications and for mobile sites, trains, buses etc.

Digital IP (Internet Protocol) technology opens up a new world of
remote monitoring possibilities to protect people and property.

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