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High performance, professional day and night network camera.

The AXIS 221 Day & Night Network Camera is a high performance camera for round-the-clock surveillance over IP networks and is perfect for our of hours remote monitoring of your most valuable assets.

With the ability to provide high quality images under all lighting conditions, the AXIS 221 is an ideal solution for indoor and outdoor applications, including the surveillance of buildings, roads, parking areas, garages, railway stations and airports. The camera is supported by the industry's largest base of application software for video and alarm management.

The AXIS 221 features an automatic, removable infrared cut filter, which enables the camera to provide color video when there is sufficient light, and black and white video in dark conditions. It uses a high performance Pentax lens and a progressive scan CCD image sensor that enables moving objects to be presented without distortion. In addition to support for 45 frames per second at all resolutions, the AXIS 221 offers simultaneous Motion JPEG and advanced MPEG-4 video streams to optimize image quality and bandwidth efficiency.

The AXIS 221 also supports a number of advanced features that give the camera increased flexibility and capabilities, including Power over ethernet, video motion detection, pre- and post-alarm buffer, and inputs/outputs for connecting external devices such as door sensors and relays to activate light or close doors.

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Axis 221 day & night camera a truly professional camera
                   that's ideal for remote monitoring.

BS 5979 :2000 BS EN ISO 9001 : 2000 Quality Management Systems  approved CCTV Alarm Receive Centre

The motion detection is a two-stage function. First of all, a check is performed to determine which of the pixels in the specified image field have changed. This is done by way of a pixel-for-pixel comparison with the previous image and by checking whether the set percentage threshold (1st parameter) has been exceeded for this image field. In a second stage, a check is then performed is to determine whether the number of pixels which are detected as having moved exceeds a specified area portion (2nd parameter) within the field being monitored.

In addition, full control can be intercepted and suppressed with a predefinable maximum value (3rd parameter). This means that in situations where the number of pixels which have been detected as having moved, exceeds the max. limit, the camera detects this as a malfunction and, in this case, there is no event triggered.

The pictures on the left above show a typical situation: Everyone entering the room from a darker room has to be recorded. Outside the room the lighting conditions may vary greatly because of the influence of daylight. The image was recorded with an exposure window covering the whole area. Given the sharp differences in light, the bright areas are slightly bloomed, and the dark walls of the room are under-exposed.

However, if the two exposure windows (shown here in green, second picture) are on the inner walls of the room, they are perfectly exposed. By contrast, the scene in the lobby can be exposed with precision by means of the exposure window in the door area

The setting which is selected depends upon the task at hand. If the aim is to record a person in the lobby which is flooded with daylight, the middle vertical exposure window needs to be selected (bottom picture). However, if the face of a person standing at the door needs to be recorded, it is given the same illumination as the room. In this event, the exposure windows on the right/left inside the room should be selected (middle picture). Even if the lobby is dark and the person shines a torch at the camera, no incorrect exposure occurs because the torch in the door frame is not picked up by the outside exposure windows.
Variable Exposure Zones
The exposure zones can even be selected to such a degree of freedom that the individual street lights in the street scene can be excluded from affecting the exposure control.

A weighting can be set in order to regulate the exposure inside and outside the exposure zones with precision. The automatic exposure function first of all determines the two possible settings within and outside the exposure windows in order to determine their average in accordance with the specified weighting (0 -100 percent).

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Exposure zones and Backlight adjustment

Mobotix provide robust and proven technology.   Mobotix continually develop new software versions for all its  cameras.

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