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BS 5979 :2000 BS EN ISO 9001 : 2000 Quality Management Systems  approved CCTV Alarm Receive Centre
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•  High image quality with a resolution of 1.3 million pixels
• Fully browser-based – no software installation or plug-ins required
• Simple connection via Ethernet, DSL or ISDN
• Camera configuration and playback of recorded images from any browser anywhere in the world
• Lip-synchronous audio and intercom features via Ethernet/DSL and ISDN
• Room surveillance with camera audio channel using standard browser (Internet Explorer)
• Minimum network load thanks to innovative MxPEG compression scheme (patent pending)
• Integrated event-controlled or scheduled recording
• Live recording of up to 30 cameras with full 25 frames per second each on one single Pentium 4-class PC
   – audio included
• No limitation regarding the number of cameras and storage media – the system remains scalable
• Long-term storage of videos or individual images in a ring buffer on a standard PC or file server
• Integrated buffer can bridge network outages of up to 4,000 images or 6 minutes video
• Maintenance-free and weatherproof from -30°C to +60°C (-22°F to +140°F) as the system has no moving
• Alarm notification via email, SMS or phone call
• MxPEG Viewer with layout editor for easily creating site maps with freely movable live video streams
• Backlight correction with user-definable exposure areas
• Professionally equipped with sensors, video motion detectors, infrared sensor, microphone and
• Scheduled display of transparent logos

Inexpensive universal image transmission: Any IT components, such as WLAN, DSL, ISDN, GSM and Ethernet, can be used to transmit images inexpensively. Cameras can even be accessed from anywhere in the world via leased lines or the Internet. Special analog cabling is not necessary. Since there is no need to adhere rigidly to the analog video standard, there are no longer any restrictions on image resolution. Consequently, the first mega pixel security cameras are now available. For further information, go to Image Formats and Image Compression.
• License-free web technology: Images from network cameras can be accessed via the Internet using the existing web browser on any PC (Explorer, Netscape). Regardless of the operating system and the number of camera users, there are no software and maintenance licenses needed.
• High security: Unlike an analog video cable that can be "tapped" relatively easy by electromagnetic means, network cameras can be protected in a number of different ways. Alongside established software encryption technologies like PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), they also support secure VPN routers (Virtual Private Network) via the Internet. For further information, go to Security. 
• Unlimited expandability: There are countless computers networked within large companies, saving data centrally on the company server. It is also possible to network hundreds of cameras in precisely the same way. The network structure allows the camera system to be expanded without any difficulty. If necessary, it can also be done on a wireless basis using a WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network).

One of the best products on the market for cctv remote serveillance

Mobotix IP cameras, more than any other, enable companies and organisations to create effective and innovative security and remote monitoring solutions that deliver real cost and operational benefits on an enterprise wide scale. This comes through their unique design which enables users to maximise on the integration and applications development opportunities that IP technology offers in order to maximise efficiency.

Remote monitoring using IP technology can reduce staffing levels, make existing staff operationally more effective and help reduce and manage risk throughout your organisation.

Goldeneye operate the UK’s first and only pure IP based BS 5979 accredited Alarm Receiving Centre for remotely monitoring the latest IP based security systems such as the Mobotix. We also hold ISO 9001/2000 accreditation. This means that the construction of our facility and our operational standards meet exacting security industry requirements. Our expertise in remote monitoring of IP based security systems is unsurpassed.

From our Alarm Receiving Centre, using broadband, we have been remotely monitoring Mobotix products since their introduction into the UK and have found their performance to be highly consistent and reliable and measurably better than the competition.

We offer

• A range of services that is available throughout the UK.

• 24/7 remote monitoring of IP based CCTV systems

• Flexible monitoring solutions to suit a clients exact needs including :-

Remote video monitoring of IP surveillance camera systems.
Critical asset monitoring.
Remote access control (barriers, gates and doors)
Panic alarm monitoring.
Lone worker support.
Environmental monitoring and building control.

• A rapid response and key holding service at a fraction of the cost of perm anent security guards through our approved guarding partners, National Key Holding (Nikaro).

• A UK wide installation and maintenance service for Mobotix camera systems.

• Consultancy on IP video systems for large companies and organizations wishing to set up their own in house monitoring stations.

• Control room software and support.

• A special package for the construction industry consisting of the remote monitoring of construction sites coupled with a rapid intrusion response through our approved guarding partners.

In addition to our remote monitoring service, you can now order Mobotix products from our website at competitive prices and we offer technical and installation support throughout the UK and Ireland, to ensure that your purchase and installation of Mobotix products in the UK or Ireland is smooth and trouble free.

Goldeneye UK are the leading UK distributor of Mobotix products
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