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BS 5979 :2000 BS EN ISO 9001 : 2000 Quality Management Systems  approved CCTV Alarm Receive Centre
intelligent video analysis can catch criminals in car parks
powerful enough to automatically zoom into suspect areas
Additional capabilities of Goldeneyeuk CCTV control centre

Object Classification
Small animals

Object Behavior
Moving objects
Left objects

Automatically control PTZ cameras
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Sound audible Alarm
Fire Relays (i.e. close gate)
Alert monitoring station
and move......

car thief caught by monitoring station
car thief at night

Goldeneye UK uses intelligent video analysis to enhance existing CCTV control centre systems to detect unusual behavior at customer sites.

Goldeneye UK Intelligent Video Analysis is the most sophisticated and reliable real-time monitoring system available today. By introducing intelligence to your surveillance, levels of security are increased while video monitoring costs and the occurrence of false alarms are substantially reduced.

Existing CCTV control centers can only trigger an alarm on a moving object. Using this method of Remote Monitoring becomes useless in an area that has a lot of movement such as a car park.
Our Intelligent Video Analysis can be configured to record and monitor the car park when normal activity is taking place. If a person enters the car park and acts in a manor that is unusual such as walking around vehicles then an alarm will be generated to the CCTV control centre.

Key Benefits
Reduces surveillance operational costs
Reduces occurrence of false alarms
Automatically detect track and zoom in on activity
Increased efficiency / productivity

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