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                                Network video over IP has arrived in industry.

Network video is currently being used for monitoring manufacturing lines, industrial and pharmaceutical processes, automation, warehouse and stock control systems to name just a few examples of industrial applications. Efficiency at a production plant can be greatly enhanced through the use of "virtual eyes."
At, for example, a rock crushing plant or chemical processing plant, where there are health hazards for employees, remote monitoring of production processes provides the ideal solution.

Production lines and robots.

Cameras observing an automated production line or factory robots can be programmed to send e-mail alerts if something unusual occurs. In this way, production staff are relieved of the monotonous and time-consuming process of watching for machine malfunctions.


If a malfunction does occur and there are no service engineers in the area, network video can be used to set up a virtual meeting and get technical support at a distance.

Goods entrances.

The accumulated costs of petty theft of raw materials entering and manufactured goods leaving a plant can add up to a huge problem over time. Network cameras work as a crime deterrent here, as well as offering an easy way to check the efficiency of the loading/unloading methods being used.

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