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Digital IP (Internet Protocol) technology opens up a new world of
remote monitoring possibilities to protect people and property.

BS 5979 :2000 BS EN ISO 9001 : 2000 Quality Management Systems  approved CCTV Alarm Receive Centre

We all live in a world of extreme fluctuating weather conditions. Our services are relatively inexpensive when compared to the damage that could be caused to your business.


This places Goldeneye at the forefront of remote monitoring in the UK as we constantly develop worthwhile and innovative security and monitoring solutions to protect assetts and people.

No other BS5979 accredited Remote Monitoring Station in the UK can offer this level of service. We call this technology Intelligent Building Monitoring .

As organisations deploy more and more ‘business critical’ applications, it becomes increasingly important that the environments in which these servers and applications run remain stable.

Simple environmental problems such as a broken air-conditioning unit or a flood that take these systems down are the manager’s worst nightmare. The problem is two fold because managers and staff are not always available to instantly deal with such problems.

From our 24/7 control room Goldeneye UK can monitor en vironments that are critical to your business. Using our state of the art hardware and software to monitor threats to your critical hardware and data, we can protect them from extreme environment changes such as high and low temperature changes, low humidity, AC voltage loss, intrusion and water leakage. When a sensor exceeds a configurable threshold, the system will instantly  notify our control room. Our trained control room staff will then immediately carry out your specific emergency procedures.

goldeneyeuk global
server room environmental protection
data room environmental protection
Global environmental  
     monitoring from
1) Temperature
2) Humidity
3) Liquid
4) Power
5) Smoke detection
6) Fire detection
7) Gas detection
8) Motion

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