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Its like having your own digital security dog on watch 24/7.

        IP surveillance is the ideal technology for schools, colleges an universities.

IP surveillance is highly cost effective for education. Installation costs are low as the need for dedicated
cables is eliminated and the systems can run on the existing computer network simply by adding additional network points where cameras are required. Maintenance costs are low and images can be stored on computer hard disks providing a neat, cost effective storage solution.

Existing analogue CCTV infrastructure can be retained and integrated with digital IP video systems using low cost video servers, then slowly replaced as budgets allow.

Students and teachers hampered by the threat of harassment or violence will be comforted by the presence of reliable network cameras in public spaces. This includes external areas such as walkways between buildings as well as internal areas such restaurants and corridors.

Unauthorised exit from and entrance to the premises can be controlled and monitored helping to reducing truancy and entrance to gates and sensitive areas such as IT and science rooms, can be opened and closed electronically. All this can be done from one location within the establishment.

Outside of hours, the same surveillance system can be used to remotely monitor property and deter vandalism. A sophisticated, built-in motion detection system can generate an alarm, which automatically transmits images to the security operators in our alarm receiving centre giving them accurate, up-to-the-minute information upon which to base their response.

75% of fires in schools are the result of arson and usually happen after the school has closed Crime has been proven to be reduced by as much as 92% where a visible CCTV system is installed. Arson cost schools £40 million pounds last year.

Experience has shown that most schools, colleges and universities will recover the cost of an IP based CCTV system in less than a year through a reduction of theft and vandalism. Goldeneye UK have partnered with companies with a long and reliable history of providing network solutions to educational establishments, to facilitate the installation and implementation of these low cost IP surveillance and security systems.

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