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BS 5979 :2000 BS EN ISO 9001 : 2000 Quality Management Systems  approved CCTV Alarm Receive Centre


    Relax in the knowledge that Goldeneyeuk are
 protecting & monitoring your most valuable assets.

Professional monitoring coupled with rapid and effective response to intrusions and alarm events is the most vital part of an effective security or surveillance system.

Goldeneye UK are the leading UK provider of remote monitoring services for IP based surveillance and security systems. We operate the UK's first pure IP based BS5979 Category 2 accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), the highest accreditation possible for a UK based ARC. This means that construction of our facility meets exacting industry requirements and our systems and operational procedures are of the highest standard. We employ only fully trained staff, licensed and security screened to industry standards.

Our large investment in software systems and mission critical computer hardware enables us to create secure, enterprise wide, integrated remote monitoring solutions, matched to our clients exact needs including, CCTV, fire, remote access control, critical asset monitoring, and lone worker support.

Goldeneye UK leads the way in the remote monitoring
                  of IP based security systems.

Digital IP (Internet Protocol) network camera technology has opened up a new world of remote surveillance and security solutions to protect people and property, reduce crime and improve crime detection.

The versatility of IP technology means that in its simplest form it can be used to provide a small alarm, CCTV and access control system to protect your home, whilst at the same time the ability of IP network camera systems to integrate with a wide variety of other IP based security systems and with other technologies such as satellite and wireless technology, means that IP is also the ideal technology for enterprise wide surveillance and security systems for large companies and organisations.

One thing however remains unchanged.

This fact is recognized by some of the worlds leading manufacturers and suppliers of IP network security systems. The companies listed on our partners page  have made Goldeneye UK their preferred CCTV remote monitoring provider in the UK.

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